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Building a Programmable Thermostat with a Nextion LCD Display
Customizing a thermostat for a simple forced air heating/cooling system.

Another ESP32 Digital Clock
Adventures with two cores and the ESP32

An ESP32 / Teensy 3.5 Super Clock
Improving on my previous Internet Digital Clock

Build an Internet Digital Clock
January 2019
Time to build this digital clock that connects via Wi-Fi to the Internet to not only display the usual time, date, temperature, and humidity, but to also be able to retrieve things from the Internet like the weather or weather forecast and stock market reports as well.

An Electronic Chessboard Using RGB LED Strips and Hall Effect Sensors — Part 2
February 2017
Create the software needed to accommodate two players on our electronic chessboard.

An Electronic Chessboard Using RGB LED Strips and Hall Effect Sensors
January 2017
This chessboard is used by two players, and the basic objective is to keep track of the board and the rules of the game for both players. This makes it a nice learning device for the beginning chess player.

Using Programmable RGB LED Strips in Arrays
November 2016
I’ve always wanted to build an LED table, and using LED strips made it super easy. Here’s how to do it.

A Router Restarter
August 2016
This device is actually a universal on-off machine that can be used remotely and also be controlled via a smartphone.

A Barn Door Tracker for AstroPhotography
January 2015
Now, you can be the star and take long exposure photographs of the night sky.

Giving Life to the Adafruit 32x32 RGB Matrix Panel
July 2014
You’ll have a great time making a cool graphical display of Conway’s Game of Life with this colorful array.