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January 2015

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Build A Barn Door Tracker for AstroPhotography



Flight Computers for Sounding Rockets

Sure, launching model rockets is cool and all, but what if you could incorporate some science and learning into the fun, too. With one of these as your payload, you're not just entertaining the kids — you're launching a sounding rocket and doing real science.

Soldering Reflow Controller

This product review describes a new kit/system that can help alleviate some of the drudgery involved with building surface-mount printed circuit boards.


A Barn Door Tracker for AstroPhotography

Now, you can be the star and take long exposure photographs of the night sky.

Arduino-Based Master Clock

by Joe Fox

If you’ve got some old impulse secondary clocks that are lacking a master, build this project and get them working accurately and electronically. Plus, you can repurpose what you learn to control other items using an Arduino and an IGBT MOSFET device.


by Tim Brown
Reader Questions Answered Here (01.2015)
Answering a question about a previous question, free to air satellite TV, and testing GFCIs properly are discussed this month.

by Ron Hackett
Harnessing the Power of USB
Construct a couple of simple USB-based power supplies that you can use in your next PICAXE project.

The Ham’s Wireless Workbench
by H. Ward Silver
An Intro and Antennas
Welcome to the world of wireless know-how in the form of amateur or "ham" radio.Where else can you be an electronics and programming whiz, study solar and atmospheric phenomena, design your own communication system, and provide valuable public service — all at the same time? Amateur radio and the Nuts & Volts readership have a lot in common. Let's get to know each other!

Smiley’s Workshop
by Joe Pardue
Arduino 101/Chapter 12: Data Logger/Part 1
Learn how to store data on an Arduino UNO so you can use battery-operated devices to collect data out in the field.

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
Serial I/O Data Interfaces: Part 1
Data is transferred serially in most applications. However, there is definitely more than one way to “send” that cat.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
Atmosphere Takes Bluetooth Apps to New Heights
Anaren is bringing Bluetooth “out of the stone age” with their new web-based tool that lets you simultaneously code an embedded Bluetooth monitor/control application and its associated smartphone GUI app.


Just in Time Parts vs. the Junkbox
by Bryan Bergeron
Cleaning out my workshop reminded me of when I first started my journey in electronics — I had a junkbox with a few dozen tubes, a pound or two of discrete resistors and capacitors, and some miscellaneous hardware.