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2020 Issue-5

Nuts and Volts Magazine

Beginning To Build With Tubes.



Beginning to Build with Tubes

There are a number of reasons to pursue tube-based projects.

Book Review: Ham Radio for Dummies

I can’t say enough good things about this book.

Book Review: Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits

This book is great for novices as well as seasoned experimenters.

Designing a Programmable DC-to-DC Converter

Design your own programmable DC-DC power supply.

Vintage Tek: Resolving Schematic Dissonance

Resolving Schematic Dissonance

Restoration of a Vintage Zenith G725 AM/FM Receiver

Explore the world of tube-type electronics by restoring this domestic 1950’s AM/FM broadcast receiver: the Zenith G725.


Build a Ham Radio Voice Keyer for the Backpack

Save wear and tear on your vocal cords with this handy voice keyer.

Build an Inexpensive Magnetometer

Build a Hall-effect based magnetometer.

Build a Marquee Style Lighting Controller

Light up your life or business with this simple circuit.

Build a Digital Clock Family Using Nextion Displays

Digital clocks made with Nextion displays are a great design.

Build a PICBall Machine

Make a PIC-powered old-school pinball machine.

Build a Vintage Radio Sweep Alignment Instrument

Build a cost-effective self-contained sweep alignment instrument for FM radio.

Build a Simple Isolator for Externally Powered Arduinos

Build an external power supply for your Arduino projects.


New Products
Micro Stepper Actuators, HMI Software for Arduinos, Programmable USB Type-C Hub, Ultra-compact SIG Generator

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go
by Bryan Bergeron
So, what’s a ham dedicated to public service to do?

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