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2020 Issue-1

Nuts and Volts Magazine


An Introduction to the Parallax Propeller 2

There’s a lot to the new P2.

The Dr. Duino Explorer —  A Review

Make your life simpler with this “ready-to-roll” kit that is jammed-packed with features.

The Graphing Weather Station

This feature-rich unit builds on a previous project.

Microcontrollers, Software, and You — Part 3

Learn how to program microcontrollers.

Remembering the Crystal Radio

Reminiscing about the good times that crystal radio sets provided.

Hacking LEDs and Arduinos: Instant LED Projects

Create bright, stunning colors by literally just plugging LEDs directly into the Arduino pins.

Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 4

Tutorial on including touch screens into your homebrew projects.

Restoring a Vintage Zenith Table Top AM/FM Receiver from the ‘60s

Explore the world of tube-type electronics by restoring a classic AM/FM receiver.


Build the MEMO_BOX

Never forget to bring your phone or keys (or ?) with you with this fun device.

Build an AM Transmitter for Use with Antique Radios

Use a low power crystal-controlled AM transmitter to broadcast age-appropriate material to your antique radio.

Build the Music Visualizer

An interactive LED display that reacts to music.


New Products (01.2020)
MOD 0.8 Pinion Gear 36 Tooth, MOD 0.8 Pinion Gear 40 Tooth, MOD 1.25 Miter Gear 30 Tooth, 38 mm Pitch Steel Set Screw Sprocket, 8 mm Pitch Steel Set Screw Sprocket, Analyzers for High Channel Count Applications, Learning Platform for Arduino, Programmable USB Keyboard Controller Module, Picoscope 4-CH 500 MHz O'Scopes, Analog/Vector Sig Generators, High Current Test Leads.

The Joys of Retooling — Again
by Bryan Bergeron
Is retooling your shop and your mind to the world of vacuum tubes worth it?

Reader Feedback (01.2020)
Comments from readers.