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2020 Issue-3

Nuts and Volts Magazine

How You Can Intercept Secret Messages Being Sent to Spies.

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Visual Hexadecimal

Memory association techniques can ease the hexadecimal struggle.

Marvelous Magnetic Machines

See how to make magical motors from spare parts.

An Easy CATV Coax Antenna

Make antennas from unexpected materials.

Transformer Based Power for Nixies

Discover a new way to power your Nixies.

Adding FM Capability to an All American Five AM Radio

Get FM capability without destroying the AM portion of your AA5 tube-type radio.

How You Can Intercept Secret Messages Being Sent to Spies

Unidentified radio broadcasts have been transmitting coded messages using numbers for years.

Can’t Keyboard? Use Morse Code Instead

Can’t easily use a keyboard for text? Dot and dash it!

Oscillators, Statistics, Q, and Muons

Learn how to determine how well your oscillator is behaving.

Restoration of an Abused 1965 McIntosh C22 All-Tube Preamp

Next in our restoration series, we’ll help out an abused 1965 McIntosh C22 all-tube preamp.


Measuring the Air Quality Index

Know if it’s safe to go outside.

Build a Wireless Doorbell Pager for the Deaf

Here’s a simple circuit you can build for those who have lost their hearing.

Build a Super-Secret Invisible Burglar Alarm

Keep valuables safe and expose kids to technology at the same time.

Build the LASERVox MIDI Laser Theremin

Make music by waving your hands at one of the most expressive musical instruments ever built.


New Products (03.2020)
High-res 2/4/8 Ch 20 MHz Oscope, Gerber File Option Added, Insulated Banana Jack Attenuators, Triple Output DC Power Supplies, AC-DC Controller Features Second Side MCU, SnapEDA Library Integration

Electronics: What’s Important from the Outside Looking In?
by Bryan Bergeron
Here’s how to do good by your favorite electronics hobby.

Reader Feedback (03.2020)
Comments from readers.