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Build a Ham Radio Voice Keyer for the Backpack
May 2020
Save wear and tear on your vocal cords with this handy voice keyer.

Book Review: Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits
May 2020
This book is great for novices as well as seasoned experimenters.

Build a $6 Desk Mic
April 2020
Turn a cheap LED lamp into a usable microphone.

An Easy CATV Coax Antenna
March 2020
Make antennas from unexpected materials.

Static Discharge Helps “Cure” Audio Amplifier
February 2020
This is the first time in 60 years that static electricity has ever HELPED with one of my projects.

Build a 50 MHz Dipole Out of Crutches
August 2015
Just as other sculptors are blessed with the vision to see their works of art hidden in wood and marble, I have developed the ability to see antennas hidden in metal. After working with antennas for a while, I believe most everyone can probably develop an eye for dimensions that are quarter-wave multiples of their favorite frequencies.