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Eric Bogatin

Eric is a physicist on the faculty at CU, Boulder and Front Range Community College. He is also the Dean of the Signal Integrity Academy. He leads Arduino workshops at Tinkermill, the Longmont Hackerspace. His current interests are in simple, robust and low cost electronics for high precision physics experiments.

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Eric's Articles

Build an Instant Heart Pulse Sensor
April 2020
Make your own version of a Fitbit of sorts for monitoring blood flow.

Hacking LEDs and Arduinos: Instant LED Projects
January 2020
Create bright, stunning colors by literally just plugging LEDs directly into the Arduino pins.

Turn Your Computer’s Sound Card into a Scope
April 2019
Use this free software tool to gain oscilloscope skills, analyze audio signals, and measure digital signals.

Build a Geiger Counter to Monitor a Radioactive Cat
August 2017
Use a homebrew Geiger counter to monitor Maxwell, the cat after radiation treatment.

Build this Professional Grade Data Acquisition System
June 2017
Build a high performance general-purpose workbench instrument for under $100.

Make Your LED Dance Just Like a Candle
March 2016
Modulate an LED to respond to the world around it with this simple technique.

Why You Need an Analog Front End and How to Set It Up
February 2016
How to make your sensors talk nice to your microcontroller.

Power Sources: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
July 2015
With few exceptions, every electronics project needs a power source. It’s what makes the electrons go round and round. However, not all power sources are created equal.

Arduino Based Data Acquisition
June 2015
If you enjoy data and acquiring and measuring it easily, then you’re going to love this method that utilizes Microsoft Excel and PLX-DAQ from Parallax with a low cost Arduino.