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2019 Issue-4

Nuts and Volts Magazine


Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 1

Bring your projects into the 21st century with a touch screen display.

AC Volt/Amp Meter with Web Interface

Self-contained volt/amp meter that displays the values on a webpage via a Raspberry Pi.

Four-Position HF Antenna Switch with PC Control

Make your ham life easier with a PC controlled antenna switch.

Five More Projects for Your Amigo

New projects for Mentor’s Friend retro computer owners to explore programming and hardware interfacing with.

Turn Your Computer’s Sound Card into a Scope

Use this free software tool to gain oscilloscope skills, analyze audio signals, and measure digital signals.

DIY Biotech: Genetic Engineering with the DNA Playground

Modify E. coli bacteria to produce proteins of your choice.

The Story of the Transistor

A journey through the history that led to the most important invention of the 20th century.


Build a Headphone Amplifier — Times 3!

Choose from three different headphone amps to suit your needs.

Build a 3D Printer Filament Scale

Always be sure you have enough filament for your print job with the Spool-Scale!

Build a Configurable Clock/Timer

You’ll be “alarmed” at all the cool features this unit has!


The Challenging Life of Urban Hams
by Bryan Bergeron
Being an amateur radio operator within city limits can be a hassle.