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2019 Issue-6

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You Don’t Have to Be an Engineer to Design Your Own Electronic Circuits

Do your own designs with a little direction.

UV Sanitizer: How to Build One and Measure Its Efficacy

Build a UV sanitizer from a UV LED panel and a small reflective enclosure.

A Real-Time Operating System for the Arduino

Have multiple functions running in your sketch at the same time.

Copper Cobweb Circuit Construction

Bored with two-dimensional circuit layouts? Here’s a way to jazz it up.

Microcontrollers, Software, and You — Part 2

Learn how to program microcontrollers.

Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 3

Tutorial on including touch screens into your homebrew projects.

1920s Radio Applause Cards

Back in the 1920s, the penny postcard quickly became the preferred medium by broadcast radio stations for listener reports.

Implementing Circuits on Protoboards

How do you go about building on a protoboard? Here’s how.


Build an Oscilloscope Octopus

This general-purpose test instrument is invaluable in troubleshooting.

Build a Pocket-Sized Vacuum Cleaner

Make this mini vacuum you can take anywhere.

Build a Castle in the Clouds

Build your own levitation device.

Circuits for a Day at the Races

With a little amount of expertise in electronics, there are many accessories we can build ourselves to add to our slot car racing hobby.


New Products (06.2019)
Icon-Based Data Acquisition Software, Mini AC Dual Balance Charger, Dual Mode Servo, Hyper Coupler, Ball Bearing Carriage, Multiple RPM Support, FPGA/SOC Dev Board, H-Bridge Motor Control, Battery-Powered Portable O'scopes.

Respiratory Masks
by Bryan Bergeron
Respiratory masks should always be part of your safety tool arsenal.

Reader Feedback (06.2019)
Comments from readers.