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2019 Issue-3

Nuts and Volts Magazine


DIY Biotech: Gel Electrophoresis

Solve your own DNA mysteries with gel electrophoresis.

Parallel Processing with the Propeller FLiP

Take an in-depth look at the Propeller FLiP board from Parallax.

Monitor Motion from a USB Webcam

Take a look at how this highly configurable and stable monitoring system works.

Getting Started in DIY Modular Synthesis — Part 2

Take a look at five synthesis building blocks.

An Elegant Approach to Design a Variable Voltage Divider

These design ideas for voltage dividers really add up.

A Simpler Current Limiter

Using light bulbs to limit current.

Restoring the Heathkit ES-400 Computer

Refurbishing the “Big Kahuna” of Heathkits.

Learn to Send and Receive Morse Code with the Morserino-32

Review of the Morserino-32 CW Trainer.


Build a Pocket-Sized Altair Computer

Make a retro PC that fits in an Altoids tin.

Build a Digital Light Saber

Create “light graffiti” with this fun project.

Build a Small Powerful Dummy Load

Use this device for testing that costs less than $5 to make.


by Kristen McIntyre
Electronics Q&A (03.2019)
Questions on turn-signal light bulb flashing rates, specs on ignition cell batteries, and version control systems.

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
Whatever Happened to these Wireless Technologies?
A list of “forgotten” standards and services.


New Products (03.2019)
TC Measurement Hat for Pi, PC Controlled Antenna Tuners, Hands-Free Voltmeter, 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO, Package Pricing Basic Test Equipment, No Assembly Fees on Five PCBs, RPi Enclosure with Touchscreen, 4 mm Inline Fuse Adapter.

RIP: Terrestrial AM Radio
by Bryan Bergeron
Routines and methods are changing in how folks get their news and music delivered.

Reader Feedback (03.2019)
Comments from readers.