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August 2017

Nuts and Volts Magazine


A Nuts & Volts Total Eclipse of the Sun

Use a 3D printed Nuts & Volts (or SERVO Magazine!) pinhole solar projector to view a total eclipse of the sun in the US during August 2017


Use Wi-Fi and X-10 in a “Bi-Lingual” approach to Light and Appliance CONTROL

ESP8266-based “Bi-Lingual” Home Light and Appliance Timer merges Wi-Fi and X-10

Build a Geiger Counter to Monitor a Radioactive Cat

Use a homebrew Geiger counter to monitor Maxwell, the cat after radiation treatment.

Solar Intensity Monitor

Build a Solar Intensity Monitor using an Arduino Uno and the MakerPlot Data Acquisition software


Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
Going the Distance with Wireless
Demands for longer range Wi-Fi capacity are growing, and so are the demands for new technology to support it.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
Try the RAD B4R for ESP8266 Coding
An introduction to the B4R programming environment utilizing the popular ESP8266 module

by Kristen McIntyre
Reader Questions Answered Here (08.2017)
Learn about NiCd charger options and the different types of LED display technologies

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Factors Controlling Balloon Flights and Predicting Balloon Landing Zones
Making proper predictions of your BalloonSats’ flight path.


Easing Into Tube
by Bryan Bergeron
Want a break from microcontrollers and MEMS devices? Give tubes a try!