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Craig Lindley

Craig has been interested in the production of lights/sounds/music with computers for a long time. He is the author of the book “Digital Audio with Java” published by Prentice-Hall. He lives in the mountains of Colorado and can be contacted at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). When not messing around with electronics and/or computer projects, wood working or beer brewing, he does a solo musical act around Colorado Springs.

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Craig's Articles

REVIEW: Dr. Duino’s Starter Kit for the Arduino Uno
May 2019
Make breadboarding with the Arduino Uno more robust and trouble-free.

Review: Zeppelin Design Labs — Altura MIDI Theremin
March 2018
Play a theremin with a little help from a kit.

Build a NeoPixel LED Tree
November 2017
Take your next LED Christmas tree up a notch or two with multiple RGB rings of LEDs!

Build the SamplerBox Mellotron
September 2017
The Mellotron — an instrument used by the rock gods of the 1960s and 1970s is resurrected in this Raspberry Pi project.

Build an ESP8266 World Clock
July 2017
Build on previous ESP8266 projects to add a customizable world clock to your arsenal of time keepers.

ESP8266 RSS News Reader
January 2017
Utilize the versatile ESP8266 module to get your daily dose of news.

ESP8266 Weather Clock
November 2016
Build a Weather Clock with the ESP8266: a low cost Wi-Fi chip with full TCP/IP stack and MCU (Micro Controller Unit) capability.

Make Your Own Portable Media Center
October 2016
With a few pieces of hardware and a Raspberry Pi, you can have a traveling entertainment system that fits in the palm of your hand.

ESP8266 NTP Clock
June 2016
The ESP8266 family of devices makes inexpensive access to the Internet a non-issue, so it’s perfect to use to build a digital NTP clock.

Thinking of You
November 2015
Let friends and loved ones know that you're thinking of them.

Meet the ESP8266
October 2015
Devices like the ESP8266 make possible the idea of connecting almost anything to the Internet.

A Web Controlled Music and Internet Radio Player
August 2015
Never be at a lack for music with this incredibly flexible system that features the Pi MusicBox software.

Using Serial Bluetooth With a Microcontroller
June 2015
Stream serial data via Bluetooth as an alternative to RS-232 cables and build a Crystal Palace in the process.

Driving LEDs with a Microcontroller
April 2015
Do more stuff with microcontrollers than just blinking LEDs.

MIDI Buddy
February 2015
New to MIDI? Then, you need a Buddy to experiment with and learn about this musical protocol.

Build the Light Appliance
October 2014
This IR remote controllable 32x32 RGB LED display does way more than just flash pretty lights.

A Unique LED Clock
March 2014
Just when you thought there were no more cool electronic clocks to build, this Arduino-controlled version showed up.

An Arduino Controlled Digital FM Radio
February 2014
While you can always listen to the radio from some newfangled device, why not do it the old-fashioned way — over the air from a desktop unit. (Plus, you get to control it with a remote!)

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a remote-controllable Internet radio/music file player
August 2013
Listen to Internet radio stations or play artists, albums, or individual songs from a Flash drive plugged into your Raspberry Pi.

Make A Smart Necklace
July 2013
Your Mardi Gras “beads” will be the talk of the town with this customizable jewelry that makes great gifts too!

Building an Electric Guitar
June 2013
This project will be music to your ears if you’ve ever wanted to construct your own stringed axe. Building this guitar — while not your typical Nuts & Volts project — was a lot of fun.

Raspberry Pi, Anyone?
March 2013
Get a piece of this popular DIY action by learning how to cook up your own RPi to start experimenting with.

The Desktop Contemplator
December 2012
Create your own personal light show for your desktop.

DDS and the Electronic Music Box
April 2012
Make Music With Digitally Generated Analog Signals.

Build Your Own Wi-Fi Internet Radio
March 2012
Get access to literally thousands of radio stations world wide to customize your very own play list. Plus, you get to control the unit from the comfort of your armchair with an iPod Touch.

Build the Infinity Portal
August 2011
Construct this updated version of an infinity mirror using LEDs controlled by an Arduino.

Turn A Broken Laptop Into A Digital Picture Frame
January 2010
Give an old laptop a new life by turning it into a digital photo gallery.

Psychedelia II
January 2008
Watch lights flashing to your favorite music.

WEBSTER: The Mini Web Server
July 2008
In thinking about conservation, it occurred to me that hosting my personal website on a desktop PC used a lot of energy. Even without a monitor, a desktop PC draws about 120W of power or about 200 KWH a year. So, I designed and built a low power alternative — Webster, the mini web server. There are many uses for Webster-like web servers including...

Floating Point Multiplication and Division Without Hardware Support
September 2007
Using Horner’s method to provide floating point support on microprocessors or microcontrollers that don’t have support built in.

Lattice Wave Digital Filters
November 2007
This article is a result of my investigation into LWDFs which were just too cool to pass up.