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SUPERCOMPUTING: In The New Millennium
May 2005
Do you think your computer is fast? It’s a top-of-the-line system with all of the optional bells and whistles, bought at the best store in town, no expense spared, so it should be fast, indeed. However, it can’t be classified as a supercomputer the same way Superman can’t be classified as a mere mortal man.

Taking the Teeth Out of Bluetooth Phracking
August 2005
Paris Hilton’s hijacked phone notes, hot pics and movies, and celebrity contact info got her unwanted and undeserved notoriety. The incident also brought broad visibility to a blossoming dilemma: like computer data, our increasingly computer-like mobile phones’ contents can be hacked.

Freeware Linux Hardware Firewall HOW-TO: Have A “Smoothie”
December 2005
We’re about to cover parts and instructions for creating your own Linux hardware firewall using an old box (computer) and the SmoothWall Express 2.0 firewalling software package.

Looking At The Other Three-quarters Of The World, Through ORION
December 2006
LOOKING and ORION are a part of worldwide research efforts to make data from the ocean depths freely and instantly available to land-based research institutions for grid computing...

Setting Up Dual, Flat Panel Monitors Under Windows XP
March 2007
Here’s an easy way to set up a really cool and useful computer display configuration that will make friends think you’re a super-geek!

Going Security Geek on Penetration by Ira Winkler
May 2007
These hacks — called penetration tests — are done on purpose to show companies how much they stand to lose if they don’t patch their security holes. Penetration tests are used to try to compromise the security of computer systems...

Sun Riders Ahoy at the Solar Cup Races
August 2007
Five years back, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California opened Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir, a fresh drinking water reservoir...

Swift, Small, “Cell” Broadband Chip
September 2007
The Cell Broadband Engine or Cell/BE processor consists of a “Power Processor Element” (PPE), which is the primary core that generally dictates the work of other cores on the chip...