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Bait and Switch for Halloween Fun
September 2002
Delight and fright with these fun build ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

tDCS — Brain hacking?
July 2017
Experimenting with transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

A MIDI Christmas
November 2002
Get inspired with this magic Christmas train!

A Full Motion Home Simulator
April 2014
Go “virtually” anywhere with your own homebrew flight simulator.

A High Voltage Halloween
September 2012
A powerful Van de Graaff generator can make for some hair-raising Halloween fun!

Build A Little Electronic Mischief
March 2012
Try one or both of these two fun devices to astound and confound your engineering pals this April Fool's Day.

The Edison Cell
February 2012
Rediscover the secrets of a 100 year old battery whose time may finally have come.

Build the Stroboscopic Zoetrope
April 2011
Try a new electronic “spin” on a very old animation technique.