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November 2012

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Steampunk-In Your Way To The Stars With This Planetarium Clock



Steampunk Planetarium Clock

This unique timekeeper will have you seeing stars ... even the same skies the Spanish missionaries observed back in the 1600s!

Build the Chirper — The Best Turn Signal Monitor Ever!

Inadvertently leaving a turn signal on is both confounding and downright dangerous. Let this simple analog device keep you in the driver’s seat.

Compiled Basic for the PIC On a Shoestring

Free yourself from Assembler and learn how to set up a complete integrated environment for writing, compiling, and burning Basic programs into just about any PIC — for “basically” free.


by Jeff Eckert
Events, Advances, and News
Read about a USB magnifier that aids inspection, an ion engine for mini satellites, a device that can make anything a speaker, plus some other cool stuff.

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Approaching the Final Frontier
A Simpler-to-Make Near Space Flight Computer.

by Russell Kincaid
Reader Questions Answered Here
Answers to questions on a pet-safe invisible fence and a solar phone battery charger, just to name a few.

Smiley’s Workshop
by Joe Pardue
Smiley’s Workshop 52: Fritzing With the Arduino — Part 4
Going a bit deeper into Fritzing to make our own parts with this novice-friendly electronics hardware design package — useful for things like designing shields for an Arduino. Part 52

The Spin Zone
by Jon Williams
Let There Be Colorful Lights!
It wouldn't be an end-of-year (well, my end-of-year) column without a discussion on lighting, would it? I really enjoy animated lighting control and the Propeller is an excellent platform for it. This month, I'm going to show you how to use the Propeller to control RGB LEDs with an interesting little driver chip called the WS2801.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
Give Your Data Radio the AX8052F100.
There are microcontrollers that specialize in motor control and those that excel in number crunching. In this installment of Design Cycle, we are going to closely examine a microcontroller that was designed to drive RF ICs.


Hand-Wired Electronics
by Bryan Bergeron
There's been an odd movement in the music electronics industry toward hand-wired and point-to-point circuitry. We're talking terminal strips, solder tabs, and discrete components — no circuit boards or chip carriers.