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Don’t Get Stung by a Wall Wart

Wall warts are used in place of internal AC-to-DC power supplies in most small devices — and for good reason. The powered unit can be more compact because of the obviously smaller parts count. There’s also no need to make allowances for convection cooling of components in the powered unit. The downside, of course, is the need to control a neverending, space-hungry herd of wall warts.


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Kickstarter: Dr.Duino

Arduino has taken developers by storm, making developing your next widget easier than ever. But testing and debugging your next big thing is difficult and pains taking with Arduino. Stacked boards prevent access to the ones underneath it. Forcing you to stack and unstack your megalithic tower countless times each time bending pins out of shape, possibly breaking them. OUCH! What’s more, attaching probes for monitoring purposes is a pain, and what about a ground pin for my Oscilloscope, Digital Multi-meter (DMM) or Logic Analyzer?

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What’s in the box?!

Monster in a Box! Just one of the many Halloween projects found in the September 2014 Halloween Spectacular issue of Nuts & Volts. Just imagine that there is a Fire breathing monster inside trying to escape! Activated by motion sensors, all you'll need to do is get the unexpect tricker treaters near the box for it to start shaking with the fog machine and mp3 player inside, you'll be sure to get a nice scare out of the kids this year. Read more to watch a video of the Monster in a Box! 

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The Arc-Controller

Kickstarter: The Arc-Controller is a bridge to bring high Amp motor control to your projects. Arc-Controller is capable of variable speed and direction control over any two DC motors or a single Stepper Motor, while supplying high level of continuous current (up to 43 Amps).

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The Ghost Phone

You walk into a darkened room where a rickety antique desk holds a dusty old telephone. To your surprise, it rings! You pick up the handset and hear static, hissing, and — just below the surface — the whispery words and scary sounds of a ghostly presence! You've just answered the Ghost Phone!



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