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Happy Halloween

So, you may have noticed that the issue currently in your hands is a bit ... different. We're trying something new — something maybe even ... scary! A Halloween spectacular so exciting that even our magazine cover is wearing a costume! Okay, so yes, we realize it's only September, but we're starting extra early this year. We want to make sure you have ample time to ramp up your Halloween and act on the cool ideas and projects in this issue!


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What’s in the box?!

Monster in a Box! Just one of the many Halloween projects found in the September 2014 Halloween Spectacular issue of Nuts & Volts. Just imagine that there is a Fire breathing monster inside trying to escape! Activated by motion sensors, all you'll need to do is get the unexpect tricker treaters near the box for it to start shaking with the fog machine and mp3 player inside, you'll be sure to get a nice scare out of the kids this year. Read more to watch a video of the Monster in a Box! 

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The Arc-Controller

Kickstarter: The Arc-Controller is a bridge to bring high Amp motor control to your projects. Arc-Controller is capable of variable speed and direction control over any two DC motors or a single Stepper Motor, while supplying high level of continuous current (up to 43 Amps).

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Open Source Propeller 1

Parallax Inc. has released their source code design files for the Propeller 1 (P8X32A) multicore microcontroller among the 13,000+ attendees of the DEF CON 22 Conference in Las Vegas where their chip is also featured on the conference’s electronic badge. Parallax has long believed in openly sharing product designs for the benefit of its users and the development community.

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The Inner Workings of Rock Golem

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together; sometimes right, sometimes wrong, blowing fuses, and generally being intensely curious. I would always brag that there was nothing I owned which I didn't take apart to see how it worked. I never had much help or support, so I started teaching myself, finding unique ways to overcome problems for my builds through the years. About a year ago, I decided it was time to crawl out from under my rock and show the world what I was making ...



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