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Just in Time Parts vs. the Junkbox

Cleaning out my workshop reminded me of when I first started my journey in electronics — tubes were still available at RadioShack. My first ham radio transmitter — a HeathKit DX-60B — used a 6146B tube final amplifier (power amplifier), in part because it was inexpensive and readily available. Back then, I had a junkbox with a few dozen tubes, a pound or two of discrete resistors and capacitors, and some miscellaneous hardware. With that, I could repair just about any TV, receiver, or transmitter that I came across or wanted to modify.


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New and in 3D: Automatic 3D data conversion and 3D-MID prototyping

Aarbergen - At this year's Munich Electronica trade fair (November 11th-14th), Beta LAYOUT continues to announce interesting innovations. Brand new for Beta LAYOUT at Electronica is the introduction of “3D-MID prototypes.” Molded Interconnect Device (MID) is the production of moldings with integrated conductive structures. With "Brd - to - 3D,” Beta LAYOUT presents a comprehensive 3D package for its customers. The complete virtual circuit board package can be created directly from an EAGLE *.brd file. Features include photo realistic images of the PCB, SMD stencil, and STEP file generation.

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WiDo - Open Source IoT Node (Arduino Compatible)

The WiDo Open Source IoT Node Arduino Compatible is a WIFI IoT Node development board, which integrates WG1300 WIFI solution. The Wido's microcontroller is ATMEL ATmega32U4 and is maker friendly. Fully compatible with Arduino and periphery modules. This is a credit card sized controller that comes with everything you need to connect to the cloud. And it's under $30! 

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Kickstarter: Dr.Duino

Arduino has taken developers by storm, making developing your next widget easier than ever. But testing and debugging your next big thing is difficult and pains taking with Arduino. Stacked boards prevent access to the ones underneath it. Forcing you to stack and unstack your megalithic tower countless times each time bending pins out of shape, possibly breaking them. OUCH! What’s more, attaching probes for monitoring purposes is a pain, and what about a ground pin for my Oscilloscope, Digital Multi-meter (DMM) or Logic Analyzer?

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Save Time and Money Making CNC Halloween Decorations

When my friend,Vern asked me if I'd write an article for Nuts & Volts demonstrating how to create a Halloween decoration tombstone on a CNC router, I was psyched. I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to show off all you can do with CNC machines. So, I agreed to give it a shot.



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