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How You Can Intercept Secret Messages Being Sent to Spies.



Repairing Circuit Boards

Repairing any kind of PCB can seem intimidating, but a methodical approach helps in finding and fixing problems quickly.

Creality Ender 5 Pro - A Review

The Creality Ender 5 Pro is a great 3D printer and one I can highly recommend.

A Shot in the Arm for Online VR and AR

With the current viral scare, shopping from home makes more sense.

UV Sanitizer 2: More Powerful Anti-Viral Chamber

Build a powerful anti-viral chamber based on narrow spectrum UV lamps.

Microchip Technology: Concepts, Products, Company

Everything you want to know about microchips, but were afraid to ask.

Teen Scientists Win $1.8 Million at Virtual Regeneron Science Talent Search 2020

Started in 1942 as the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, the Regeneron STS recognizes and empowers our nation’s most promising young scientists.

Visual Hexadecimal

Memory association techniques can ease the hexadecimal struggle.

Marvelous Magnetic Machines

See how to make magical motors from spare parts.

Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 5

Tutorial on including touch screens into your homebrew projects.

An Introduction to the Parallax Propeller 2

There’s a lot to the new P2.

An Easy CATV Coax Antenna

Make antennas from unexpected materials.

Transformer Based Power for Nixies

Discover a new way to power your Nixies.

Static Discharge Helps “Cure” Audio Amplifier

This is the first time in 60 years that static electricity has ever HELPED with one of my projects.

Adding FM Capability to an All American Five AM Radio

Get FM capability without destroying the AM portion of your AA5 tube-type radio.

The Dr. Duino Explorer —  A Review

Make your life simpler with this “ready-to-roll” kit that is jammed-packed with features.

The Graphing Weather Station

This feature-rich unit builds on a previous project.

Battery Pack Failure Modes I Have Known

Is it memory effect or something else?

How You Can Intercept Secret Messages Being Sent to Spies

Unidentified radio broadcasts have been transmitting coded messages using numbers for years.

Microcontrollers, Software, and You — Part 3

Learn how to program microcontrollers.

The Quantum Integration Ecosystem

Simplify your IoT designs.

Remembering the Crystal Radio

Reminiscing about the good times that crystal radio sets provided.

Can’t Keyboard? Use Morse Code Instead

Can’t easily use a keyboard for text? Dot and dash it!

FM Reception with the GNU Radio Companion

Have fun building FM broadcast band receivers using GRC and learning about SDR.

Hacking LEDs and Arduinos: Instant LED Projects

Create bright, stunning colors by literally just plugging LEDs directly into the Arduino pins.

Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 4

Tutorial on including touch screens into your homebrew projects.

Microcontrollers, Software, and You — Part 4

Learn how to program microcontrollers.

Oscillators, Statistics, Q, and Muons

Learn how to determine how well your oscillator is behaving.

Restoration of a Vintage Telefunken Jubilate 5161W AM/SW/FM Receiver

We continue our restoration series with a vintage Telefunken Jubilate receiver.

Restoration of an Abused 1965 McIntosh C22 All-Tube Preamp

Next in our restoration series, we’ll help out an abused 1965 McIntosh C22 all-tube preamp.

Restoring a Vintage Zenith Table Top AM/FM Receiver from the ‘60s

Explore the world of tube-type electronics by restoring a classic AM/FM receiver.


High Voltage Op-amps, a Current Sensor, and a 32-bit Microcontroller: How About a Lab Power Supply?

This article will show you all the steps needed to design a programmable supply.

Build a Social Distance Detector/Monitor Using the Propeller 2

This device lets you know if folks are the proper distance away and if not, warns you before they get too close.

Build a Four-Wire Kelvin Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Overcome the limitations of two-lead/low resistance measurements with this easy-to-build four-lead Kelvin ohmmeter.

For Sale: Plant Monitor Kit - Find It in the NV Webstore

This kit takes a lot of the guesswork out of growing and maintaining indoor plants.

Kelvin Low Resistance Probe

Use this handy probe to check vias and traces on your circuit boards for their resistance.

How to Design a Microphone Amplifier

Here’s how I made an amplifier for a short-range public address speaker.

Super Awesome Cube Kit

Need soldering experience? This is the kit for you!

Build a Video Camera Using the ESP32-CAM Board

Use the ESP32-CAM module to make a video camera.

Measuring the Air Quality Index

Know if it’s safe to go outside.

Build a Potentiometer Box

Now that I’ve built my potentiometer box for analog experimentation, my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner.

Build a DotStar Light Painter

Use microcontrollers and a DotStar LED strip to develop custom photography from images you upload yourself.

Build the MEMO_BOX

Never forget to bring your phone or keys (or ?) with you with this fun device.

Build a Wireless Doorbell Pager for the Deaf

Here’s a simple circuit you can build for those who have lost their hearing.

Build an Automatic Card Shuffler

Minimize the stress of shuffling and dealing cards for a large group of people.

Build a Super-Secret Invisible Burglar Alarm

Keep valuables safe and expose kids to technology at the same time.

Build an AM Transmitter for Use with Antique Radios

Use a low power crystal-controlled AM transmitter to broadcast age-appropriate material to your antique radio.

Build a DIY Electric Scooter

Here’s how I designed my only electric scooter from scratch.

Build the LASERVox MIDI Laser Theremin

Make music by waving your hands at one of the most expressive musical instruments ever built.

Build the Music Visualizer

An interactive LED display that reacts to music.


New Products

New Products (03.2020)
High-res 2/4/8 Ch 20 MHz Oscope, Gerber File Option Added, Insulated Banana Jack Attenuators, Triple Output DC Power Supplies, AC-DC Controller Features Second Side MCU, SnapEDA Library Integration

New Products (02.2020)
Advanced 500 MHz O'Scopes, Vector Network Analyzer, Insulated Alligator Test Clips, Raspberry Pi Zero Battery IMU Board

New Products (01.2020)
MOD 0.8 Pinion Gear 36 Tooth, MOD 0.8 Pinion Gear 40 Tooth, MOD 1.25 Miter Gear 30 Tooth, 38 mm Pitch Steel Set Screw Sprocket, 8 mm Pitch Steel Set Screw Sprocket, Analyzers for High Channel Count Applications, Learning Platform for Arduino, Programmable USB Keyboard Controller Module, Picoscope 4-CH 500 MHz O'Scopes, Analog/Vector Sig Generators, High Current Test Leads.

The Joys of Retooling — Again
by Bryan Bergeron
Is retooling your shop and your mind to the world of vacuum tubes worth it?

When It Comes to Vintage Restoration, Beware of NOS
by Bryan Bergeron
Think twice before you dive into the often frenzied, hyperinflated world of NOS.

Electronics: What’s Important from the Outside Looking In?
by Bryan Bergeron
Here’s how to do good by your favorite electronics hobby.

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